Holy Moly, an Update!

YOU GUYS. Guess what.

Not only am I doing a blog post, but I've added a ton of stuff to the site. What kind of stuff, you ask?

For one, there is a new drawing up under Illustrations. It's about a little girl that likes turtles (and tortoises if you want to get technical).

The big news is that I've added a Photography section! To be honest, I just needed to switch up my main creative outlet for a while. I love exploring new places, and learning new things, so for the past couple of years I've been playing with my camera in an attempt to document some of what I see. It's nice to get to play around with so many compositions so quickly (in contrast to illustrating, which marries the illustrator to the image for the duration of the rendering process). Anyway, hope ya dig. 

More updates to come, hopefully spaced a little closer together! 

Until then, thanks for stopping by!

New Site! New Content! New News!

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to the newest version of MaxeSmith.com! The site now has more comprehensive portfolios, new images, additional historical information about Maxevlle, and more!

An exciting announcement will be happening in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Until then, let's catch up on a few things we missed on the old version of the blog. 

Back in August 2013, Maxeville went on the road with Rivet Gallery to set up and help out at GenCon Indy 2013! 

In November, Maxeville released the second in the Specimen Series line of figures, The Libropillar!

Craftin' Outlaws Winter 2013 Show happened in November, and it was a blast!

The CCAD 2013 Winter Art Sale happened in December, and it was a great time!

Back in January, work began on the new Maxeville site, and Sir Sloth got to have his close up!

Well folks, th-th-th-that's it for now! Stay tuned for next week's post, and perhaps more news before THAT news!

Thanks for checking in!

CCAD Art Sale Spring 2013

Hi All,

Here are a few shots from the Maxeville table at the CCAD Spring Art Sale 2013. It was a great show, and a lot of really cool/ nice people stopped by the table. We also got to meet up with some old friends and make some new ones. Had a blast.

Hope to see you at the Craftin' Outlaws Spring Fling on 4.20.13!

Setting up


All done!


Caitlin's collection of Maxeville art!


 Now including a Jasper!


Thanks again, everyone!

Leipreachán Classroom

 To celebrate St. Patrick's Day this year, here is a life drawing from when I was lucky enough to sit in on a Leipreachán (or Leprechaun as we know them) classroom. As you can see, the instructor is patiently explaining the do's and don'ts to his pupils as they eagerly absorb their cultural heritage. These open space classrooms are very hard to come by, but if you are respectful of their work, the instructors usually let one or two people observe the class. This is mostly due to not wanting to uproot the lesson, not for the viewer's enjoyment.

That being said, Happy St. Paddy's Day everyone!

Jasper Glamour Shots

Here are a few more photos of the Jaspers that debuted at the 2012 Craftin Outlaws and the 2012 CCAD Winter Art Sale.

Introducing: the Specimen Series- Jasper

Maxeville Biological Field Study- Day 42 
September 15, 1812


  Upon arriving in Maxington Woods Site #1, I noticed something peculiar. A plethora of little purple stones were scattered about on the mossy floor of this ancient woodland. All around me, the forest seemed to emanate a low sort of contented chirruping. The only noticeable movement was that of tree branches swaying back and forth with the weight of the recently discovered Onyx Libropillar. I paid this no mind. The only thing that mattered was the chirruping. Of all of the times this exact location had been studied, never had there been such a sound. 

The moss scent seemed to hang heavier in the air than it had previously. This was my first clue that something in the flora of the woodlands had changed. I have since discovered through further analysis that mid September seems to be a reproductive season for the microspecies of moss that inhabits a very small portion of the woods. 

Crouching down to get a closer look, I realized the chirrup was becoming more audible. Seeing nothing in particular to investigate, I made to pick up a stone. As my fingertip made contact, it flinched. To my astonishment, what I thought were purple stones were actually little creatures! Approximately 2.5 inches in diameter and height, these little fellows were the source of the chirrup. It appears as though they feed on the new growth of the moss, which has a calming effect on them. Their usual diet also includes local fruits and nuts, but it seems that they prefer the culinary delicacy of the fresh moss. 

Once they were aware of my existence they became quite curious. In fact, they seem to enjoy- and even find it amusing- to spend time with me in the lab as I monitor a group of them, provided that each bio-container is well stocked with moss. 

Included are some of my notes and a photograph of the Specimen.

M. Smith

Hypothetical Skeletal Structure


The making of Jasper

Hey Folks!

Here is a look at the behind the scenes process for the latest Maxeville critter. His name is Jasper, and he will be formally introduced in the next post. 

Bein' sculpted


 Somebody's about to be molded! (Spot the mini Pascal in the background)

Molding commence!

Invisible Gallery

Back in late September, the mod'ed version of my Bette Davis doll/ puppet made her way into a self portrait exhibit at the Invisible Gallery in Columbus, OH. Thanks to Chas Ray Krider for having me in the show! There was a lot of great art!

Hey Laura!

Hey Sharron!

Catch Up- Rivet Gallery Birthday Edition Howard

I'll be honest- this should have been posted in June. Things have been busy in Maxeville, OKAY!?

That being said, back in said June, Rivet Gallery turned five years old (congrats)! I was very happy to undertake the project of doing a limited run of toys when Laura (the owner of Rivet) and I talked about the idea way back in February.

This version of Howard is based on a birthday present I gave Laura a while back. This was a very limited run, but there may still be one or two available in the store, so by all means stop in Rivet and check 'em out!

Drum roll.......

This is how a bunch of Howards look in my studio!

And this is what Howard looks like through the eyes of Laura's iphone IN Rivet!

Anyway, I know this is late, but I just wanted to say how fun it was to participate in the Rivet birthday, and how glad I am that I was asked!

Sir Sloth or Bust!

Gooood Evening. 

Let me introduce to you, (drum roll) the bust of Sir Sloth! He is the latest and greatest Maxeville creation. He may look familiar, well, that's because he is. This here bust is based on a Maxeville painting of the same name. He is one classy sloth, sporting a button-down "wool" coat with "brass" buttons and a high collar. Word on the street is that this is a very popular look for the upcoming season.

And if you're wondering what product he uses for his hair, it's pomade mixed with his natural slothiness. And algae. let's not forget that sloths are very proud of their fur algae. He gets very sensitive about that. 

He is cast out of professional grade resin and is painted in acrylic. 

Here are his glamour shots. 

Just out of the oven.

Final Product

Capping off 2011

Hello all! It's been a little while since I've done a true update. Life has been bananas, let me tell you. I am now, finally, sitting in my new studio (furnished, no less!). I am pretty excited and very thankful to have a space dedicated solely to making things. I'm also thankful to all the people that have been in my life this year, to those who helped make some crazy life moments feel not so crazy, and to all of you who like and support what I do! I will be posting more about what I'm currently working on (it's a surprise!) once it's a little farther along. For now, and to cap off 2011, I leave you with a portrait that I just finished of my grandma and grandpa, and a few of the Maxeville Promo shots (more to come eventually). The promo shots were taken by my lovely coworker John Lubinsky at Eclipse Studios, so thanks a bunch to John for these!

Craftin' Outlaws 2011

Hello, folks! I'm here once more to bring Maxeville tidings. Craftin' Outlaws went swimmingly, thanks to all who attended and said hello to us at the Maxeville booth. Thanks goes out to my lovely assistant, Amber Buckley for being awesome!

Future: There is a good chance we will be at the CCAD Winter Art Sale, so keep your fingers crossed and maybe we will see you there! Also on the horizon will be some fairly interesting sculpts.

Until next time, here are some photos of Craftin' Outlaws:

Simon the Office Cat: Classy Ad

Simon is really excited about his fledgling modeling career. This is his first big gig, which makes sense because he's here to tell you about Simon the Office Cat: the hypoallergenic alternative to an office feline. In this ad, he's showing off his coy "Le Tigre" face. Enjoy.