Sir Sloth or Bust!

Gooood Evening. 

Let me introduce to you, (drum roll) the bust of Sir Sloth! He is the latest and greatest Maxeville creation. He may look familiar, well, that's because he is. This here bust is based on a Maxeville painting of the same name. He is one classy sloth, sporting a button-down "wool" coat with "brass" buttons and a high collar. Word on the street is that this is a very popular look for the upcoming season.

And if you're wondering what product he uses for his hair, it's pomade mixed with his natural slothiness. And algae. let's not forget that sloths are very proud of their fur algae. He gets very sensitive about that. 

He is cast out of professional grade resin and is painted in acrylic. 

Here are his glamour shots. 

Just out of the oven.

Final Product