Catch Up- Rivet Gallery Birthday Edition Howard

I'll be honest- this should have been posted in June. Things have been busy in Maxeville, OKAY!?

That being said, back in said June, Rivet Gallery turned five years old (congrats)! I was very happy to undertake the project of doing a limited run of toys when Laura (the owner of Rivet) and I talked about the idea way back in February.

This version of Howard is based on a birthday present I gave Laura a while back. This was a very limited run, but there may still be one or two available in the store, so by all means stop in Rivet and check 'em out!

Drum roll.......

This is how a bunch of Howards look in my studio!

And this is what Howard looks like through the eyes of Laura's iphone IN Rivet!

Anyway, I know this is late, but I just wanted to say how fun it was to participate in the Rivet birthday, and how glad I am that I was asked!