New Site! New Content! New News!

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to the newest version of! The site now has more comprehensive portfolios, new images, additional historical information about Maxevlle, and more!

An exciting announcement will be happening in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for that! Until then, let's catch up on a few things we missed on the old version of the blog. 

Back in August 2013, Maxeville went on the road with Rivet Gallery to set up and help out at GenCon Indy 2013! 

In November, Maxeville released the second in the Specimen Series line of figures, The Libropillar!

Craftin' Outlaws Winter 2013 Show happened in November, and it was a blast!

The CCAD 2013 Winter Art Sale happened in December, and it was a great time!

Back in January, work began on the new Maxeville site, and Sir Sloth got to have his close up!

Well folks, th-th-th-that's it for now! Stay tuned for next week's post, and perhaps more news before THAT news!

Thanks for checking in!