Holy Moly, an Update!

YOU GUYS. Guess what.

Not only am I doing a blog post, but I've added a ton of stuff to the site. What kind of stuff, you ask?

For one, there is a new drawing up under Illustrations. It's about a little girl that likes turtles (and tortoises if you want to get technical).

The big news is that I've added a Photography section! To be honest, I just needed to switch up my main creative outlet for a while. I love exploring new places, and learning new things, so for the past couple of years I've been playing with my camera in an attempt to document some of what I see. It's nice to get to play around with so many compositions so quickly (in contrast to illustrating, which marries the illustrator to the image for the duration of the rendering process). Anyway, hope ya dig. 

More updates to come, hopefully spaced a little closer together! 

Until then, thanks for stopping by!