What are Creevils?

Creevils are creatures from Maxeville that were originally mistaken to be slightly evil, when really they were just mischievous. 

Explorer and biologist, M. Smith first discovered Maxeville in the early 1800's. The Creevils are misunderstood characters that the "civilized world" deemed to be nefarious and no good. That is, until Smith proved them wrong by highlighting their positive qualities.

For example: Arthur is a very good hat model due to his fabulous antlers. Ramsey loves to save furry creatures when they are stuck in trees (he wants to be a superhero), Victor is a great shopkeeper (as long as candy is not involved). Chomksy is number one when it comes to landscaping and deskscaping. Simon makes a great cup of coffee. The list goes on and on, but the point is these little guys used to be misunderstood, and all they needed was a chance to prove how nice they are!

Below are some of the Creevils at their finest.