What is Maxeville?

Maxeville was first discovered in the early 1800's by M. Smith. She and her pilot needed a place to land after a long day of hot air ballooning across the sea in search of the mythic Narseale. While the Narseale eluded them, Smith quickly discovered that the island she chose as their respite was not on any of the maps. 

Throughout the course of many years, she began to collect field samples of the flora and fauna of what she named Maxeville ( a little self-indulgent, but you don't get to name an island after yourself everyday, now do you?). Over time she was able to document many species, and create evermore detailed maps. Check out the Creevils and Specimen links on the home page for some more Maxeville history. 


Below are some of the relics of Maxeville, from humble beginnings to the most detailed map to date. 

(More to come!)